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iM4U= a movement. 1. to be for others. 2. to up•lift. (someone) ❤️ 1JN4:19 HIITit.ca | imforu.ca | Kelowna, BC, Canada

We are Chelsea & Mel, of the online fitness company HIITit.ca. Together we have created the im4u movement to inspire strength, support + authenticity within our community, as well as community worldwide. The HIITit "im4u" brand says, "im4u succeeding", "im4u being your best", "im4u standing strong and winning whatever battle is before you" "im4u knowing that you are beautiful and strong", "im4u to have success", "im4u... in any way you need me to be" "i will lift you up". When you see this hashtag, shirt, bumper sticker, or wear this hat... be reminded to have eyes to see who could use to know that you are for them. And when you see this hashtag, shirt, bumper sticker, or hat.... remember that special one, or maybe many, that are for you. 

#im4u #HIITit  

HIITit.ca | imforu.ca | 1JN 4:19

Kelowna BC. Canada

HIITit Fitness Daily Workout

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